Monday, 6 February 2017

Investing in Myself DAY 1

I was reading THIS article today on the website If you don't know anything about the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad then you can find out more about what it says by following THIS link to a YouTube video summarising the main points in the book. 

The quote below is from the article I was reading today:
You have to invest in yourself first before you can start investing in anything else. This is a lesson that few people seem to grasp. When people learn about assets and liabilities, they want to jump into a real estate deal or start buying up stocks and commodities, neglecting the valuable assets they already own. 
The article lists three assetts that we already have; our identity, our relationships and our mind.

As I was reading the phrase 'Invest in yourself' really stood out. When I found the article I was thinking about how to move forward from a position of having no disposable income to invest and this article really gave me what i was looking for - a way to start investing straight away. It seemed like such a fantastic way to get started - invest in myself. After all, if I haven't got the motivation to invest in myself what good are all the outer investments? Investing in myself means valuing that which is present right now in my experience, this body, this mind, these relationships. Appreciating what I have will increase value but I can also invest more heavily.

So my first step is to invest by putting into practice in my life knowledge already gained. There are so many useful, helpful things already read, heard and seen by me and present in my experience and yet there is no commitment to putting them into practice. Investing in myself is giving the message that 'I am worth it!' and it doesn't need to cost a lot of money to apply ideas of which I am already aware but not using in daily life.


And here we are on Day 1 of Self Investment. 
These are the investments that I have identified so far...

1. Today I have chosen to invest in Wellness.
Physical item: Propolis Liquid
Time investment: 10 mins every day

I have committed to an investment of 5min morning and evening to gargle the Propolis Liquid that was sitting in the cupboard downstairs and not being used. My investment consists in boiling the kettle and then pouring some water into the cup along with 5 drops of propolis and then gargling/swallowing.

2. I have also identified and committed to a second investment in Wellness.
Physical item: Neti-Pot
Time Investment: 10 mins evening.

Taking the boiling water as above and making a salt/bicarb solution to use in neti-pot. Washing it out afterward with more of the water.

3. I have also committed to an investment in myself that has been on my wishlist for a while. I got a 3 month membership of DDP YOGA app and I am committed to investing 45min per day to yoga for the next 30 days.

Item: Online membership of DDP yoga app Cost 38 pounds.
Time investment: 45 min per day 7:45-8:30

4. I watched a YouTube video yesterday, see HERE about the last 5min before falling asleep and now commit to another investment in wellness.

Item: harnessing thought power
Time Investment: the time right before falling asleep.

I will remember to consciously daydream about the things I really enjoy doing with my teaching work for the next 30 days right before I go to sleep.

So that's 4 things out of 30 already just on Day 1! I am aiming to put into practice many things that I already know, of which I am already aware, stuff lying around unused etc etc because I acknowledge that I already have awareness of so many things beneficial to my life in so many ways and yet I have not been commited to making an investment in myself by actually putting them into practice.

This online journal allows me to have accountability for the process. Hurrah for blogger. See you tomorrow...